2017 People’s Choice Award was Pirjo Juhola with Mad Man
2017 AFBB Sponsors Prize was Darren Lindsell with Captured
and don’t forget the Acquisition Awards that were announced at the Sculpture trail opening –
AFBB Acquisition went to Mitch Evans with Spider and the Web.
and the Kingborough Acquisition for 2017 was Ned Trewartha with Currawong.
Massive congratulations to them and all the other artists for participating this year. The current trial can still be viewed until 23 July.
– The AFBB Sponsors Prize private sponsors
– Kingborough Council for the Acquisition Award
– RaboBank
– Peppermint Bay
– Pennicott Cruises
– Woodbridge Community Association
– West Winds Community Centre
– Coachhouse Crafts
– Woodbridge Post Office
and food sponsors
– BREADD (Kingston)
– Banjos Bakery (Margate)
– South Hobart Butchers
– Chai Devil
– Woolworths
– Tassie Tastebuds
– Grandvewe Cheese
– Red Sails Cider
– Diemen Pepper
– Pepperberries Garden Cafe

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